Mystery shopping

1496802435469.jpgMystery shopping is our favourite product! We engages trained mystery shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality over the phone, web or on site.

Secret shopper companies assess the interaction between our mystery shoppers and the frontline teams, using pre-set scenarios and questionnaires.

We will base our questionnaires together with the companies and depending on the feedback we get from the mystery shopping visits, we will point out the differences between desirable KPIs and the actual delivery of the product or service.

Throughout the entire process, our mystery shopper manager will carefully select and train the mystery shoppers so that they can deliver objective and actionable insights which are then checked by our in-house teams before being released to you.

These insights reveal how your customer-facing outlets are faring, what still works well and what you need to improve upon. We guarantee accuracy and can even ensure findings are delivered to you as quickly as within 24 hours!

Mystery shopping is one of our main passions and we believe that sould we be trusted to conduct your company's mystery shopping research, you will definitely come back to us within a few months to do it again and again. Some of our staff have over 7 years experience in this area and we're sure that together we will achieve great results.

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